Aromely Fresh - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers

Aromely Fresh - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers


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  1. Pure & Natural Essential Oils Blend
  2. Perfect Aroma Blend for your house & office
  3. It is a balanced blend with a soothing fragrance
  4. It will compel you to enjoy & appreciate life
  5. Great to used with a nebulizer essential oil diffuser


Fresh is an essential oil blend with a soothing fragrance and presence due to its well-balanced notes. Its top notes are of marigold and lemon which give this blend a dominating fragrance of lemon and marigold which gives it a subtle citrus fragrance with the subtleness of marigold flower. The medium notes of jasmine give it a sweet flowery rush of jasmine flowers and Yilang’s heady and subtle aroma makes the area of effect feel welcoming with its presence. The base notes of the oil blend give it the perfect amount of culminating fragrance which makes one get lost in the flowery rush. Basal gives a touch of earthly scent like fir, cedarwood and cypress, vanilla adds to the creamy and sweet vanilla fragrance and amber adds a powdery, woody and warm aroma to the blend. The base notes of balsam, vanilla and amber together add to the finishing touch of the fragrance. Such a perfectly blended aroma can compel one to give a moment just to appreciate the lively and refreshing path Fresh takes to.