Aromely Relaxed 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers

Aromely Relaxed 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers


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  1. The blend for someone who wants to reconnect with nature.
  2. A highly earthy and forest-y palette with hints of pleasant citrus.
  3. One of the simpler blends with straightforward notes.
  4. Very effective for relieving stress.
  5. Has a long lasting effect on the mind.

The most intrinsic and true feeling we have, as creatures of earth, from time to time is that of reconnecting with nature. To be present in a quiet forest with just nature as the only companion. To be honest sometimes nature is the only companion you need. The Relaxed blend aims to fulfil that desire of being one with nature and the forest. The blend has top notes of cedar and bergamot making it a very earthy and raw aroma. Cedar has a very comforting, woody, and robust smell. It has a crisp scent of freshly made furniture or pencils. Bergamot is a good company when undergoing treatment involving pain or discomfort. Middle notes are of lemon and orange. The citrus mix makes for the ideal pungent kick that is needed to transform a dull-ish aroma. Citrus also helps in opening up blocked airways and is quiet an energetic smell. The base note of agarwood (ebony) is complex and pleasing with few or no similar natural scents. Agarwood is a dark colored resin that accumulates in the bark of some trees and has numerous uses and properties. it is the result of the defense mechanism of the tree that makes agarwood. It is a highly priced product because of the time it takes to develop and its availability.

Relaxed essential oil blend is highly useful as a stress reliever. It is an ideal early morning or evening scent. The flavor tones of the blend are not complex and pretty straight forward. It has a reasonably lasting effect. The blend is also ideal for meditation and other such wellness practices as it is ideal to practice such activities in nature. Relaxed blend provides just that ambience. It is an urban blend so to say. People living away from actual forest and nature can somewhat satisfy the need for a connection with nature through this blend. It is not necessarily a luxurious blend and has more of a day to day essence to it.