Aromely Joyful - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers

Aromely Joyful - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers

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1. Fruity scented blend for the perfect vibe
2. Adds joyful and sweet aroma effect to your home or office
3. A perfect blend of oranges, berries, and musk 
4. Relaxing aromatherapy for you and your family
5. Natural essential oil used in the blend

Joyful is a powerful essential oil blend filled with great therapeutic value.

This diffuser blend has top notes of lemon, oranges, and basil leaves which disperse in the environment leaving the area wonderfully fragranced and fresh. The medium notes of blackberry and red berries give an aroma that can change your mood, boost your emotions and mental well-being. The base notes are the combination of a magical palette of musk and oak giving the strawberry blend the final touch. Musk is a classic aroma that blends in a way to vitalize your senses and help you relax after a long day. The oak has an aromatic woody fragrance with earthy nuances that creates a serene atmosphere all around. Such base notes when added in the blend, let one feel the pleasure of living in paradise and a sense of tranquil calmness in the heart and mind.

The use of strawberry oil is a perfect way to bring an amazing and fresh scent into your life. Its sweet and delicate tones enhance your senses and relax your body. The combination of oranges, berries, and musk in the notes creates a sweet and fruity fragrance that your friends and family are sure to fall in love with. Bring your scent diffuser back to life with this wonderful fragrance to feel free and fresh in the ups and downs of your life. All in all, this blend is a sweet fragrance that will fill your living space with a fruity, candied aroma for a perfect scented atmosphere at your home or office.