Aromely Adventurous 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers

Aromely Adventurous 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers


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  1. A mesmerizingly unique blend.
  2. Has a comforting effect on the mind and thus, the body.
  3. Very earthy and woody base notes of Amberwood, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, and laudanum.
  4. A perfect way to get over a melancholic mood.
  5. Citrus in the blend is good for recovering from cough and cold.

Adventurous is an oil blend crafted for the adventurous soul. Having top notes of citrusy fruits of lemon and grapefruit, in addition to the kick from pink pepper, bergamot, and aldehyde, makes this blend truly unique and mesmerizing. After inculcating all the action, the top notes also deliver a hint of calmness through mint as one of its flavors. Medium notes of melon, jasmine, and ginger nutmeg deliver a much needed sweet and comforting effect on the mind and body of the ones experiencing this wonder essential oil blend. Base notes on this oil blend are blissfully chaotic with laudanum, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, amber, incense, and Amberwood all competing to overpower the other in effectiveness but in effect can be recognized as having a distinct place in the overall flavor profile. Most of the base notes are derived from the hardest part of the plant, the bark. This makes for the perfect base note effect as it provides an earthy feeling to the blend and also makes the ground fertile for more pungent middle and top notes. This is something many essential oil blenders get wrong. They make the base notes too powerful which then makes the top and middle notes hide and disappear altogether.

Adventurous is for the people trying to recover from some sort of problem or melancholic experience. Blues is, as we know, the genre of melancholy in music but the blend doesn’t really stimulate the sadness in you, as the musical genre does, but rather helps you get out of that mindset organically and gradually. Its effects are long lasting and profound. It might not turn you jovial or happy but it surely makes the mind clear of all the negativity and uncertainly. Get this for that friend going through a tough breakup or the one who just got laid off from his job. Apart from this, Adventurous can be useful for people going through a seasonal illness such as sinus infection, cough, cold, etc. Citrus in the blend really helps in opening up clogged airways and can help in breathing efficiently or normally. We all know there is no scientific backing on these claims but these are experiences shared by people and are their testimonies.