Aromely Lovely - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers

Aromely Lovely - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers


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  1. A blend that takes you back to summertime.
  2. Highly popular, has a pleasantly pungent odor.
  3. Jasmine and hyacinth as middle notes are pleasant in flavor.
  4. This blend is versatile and a perfect gift for any occasion.

Lovely essential oil blend feels like summer. Not the sweaty, hot summer but the fresh, sun-kissed, lively goodness of summer. It is a very popular blend as it has quite a pleasantly pungent scent. Top notes here are grapefruit and wood pear. Grapefruit essential oil is good for suppressing appetite, thus is helpful for those looking to cut down on their calories. It also balances the mood of a conflicted mind. Wood pear is another one of the earthy and woody scents. It processes antibacterial and antioxidant properties and can be useful in a public setting such as the living room or a waiting area for businesses. Middle notes of this blend include jasmine and hyacinth. Jasmine and hyacinth provide a pleasant outburst of scent. Both have a pleasantly pungent aroma and are popular among all age groups. Base notes of Lovely blend are musk, iris, cedar, and amber. It is a combination of woody and pungent smells here. Iris essential oil is the most interesting of all as it has a woody as well as tenacious, pungent smell to it. The flower of iris is worth admiring but even the smell is something to be an admired.

The Lovely oil blend makes for an ideal gift. It is one blend that can be gifted to all age groups as it is beneficial to all. It has a joyous scent with a decently layered flavor palette. It is not a complex blend, but it isn’t really a simple and straight forward either. It is a playful mix of various scents varying in their pungency making it a very interesting smell. It is one the most versatile blends we have and can be used for any season or setting. It is a good bedside companion as well as something that can be put in a crowded setting.