Aromely Dark Chocolate - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers

Aromely Dark Chocolate - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Scent Diffusers


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  1. A very plain and simple flavor palette.
  2. It has a strong and pleasantly bitter aroma.
  3. Middle notes of dark chocolate cocoa are good for setting the mood for a romantic evening.
  4. Good option for people suffering from a high blood pressure problem.
  5. Has a very strong fan base of users.

It is one of the most sought after blends out there. This simple blend delivers more than what is expected of it. Very simple in its body, the chocolate blend can be given the title of being one if the elixirs or essential oil blends. With just one top note flavor of coumarin tonka beans it might look like a boring blend at first but honestly the bean flavor in itself is complex with many layers in itself which one experiences gradually. The middle notes are bitter yet satisfying as they are of dark chocolate cocoa. The smell of this is truly tantalizing and so unique that there are no substitutes to this out there. There just can’t be. This might look like a lot of heavy smells but in reality they are not. With the base notes of sandalwood coconut musk, it all turns out to be a perfect essential oil blend. The base not provides the blend with the much needed softness and neutrality and makes the blend a complete package. Sandalwood has one of the most uniquely pleasant smells one can ever encounter. That with the addition of coconut and musk is just spectacularly delightful. This is a blend that gets it right in only a handful of notes, something you don’t find very often. This is a blend that is staid in a good way meaning that you will know right away about the presence of this blend. There isn’t any chaos and unnecessary complexity recognizing this essential oil blend.  

Chocolate being an aphrodisiac makes this blend the perfect bedside companion. It can truly set the mood right for a romantic occasion. People having a high blood pressure problem should consider this blend as chocolate is known to lower blood pressure. The effect through its aroma might not be as potent as in the case of ingestion of chocolate but the effects are certainly there in a softer magnitude.