Quick Guide

Elegant white car diffuser on a white background, showing off the minimalist design and touch-sensitive control interface.

1. Unboxing

Whats inside the box:

  • Diffuser
  • Instructions Manual
  • Quick Product Guide
  • Charger Cable

2. Opening & Adding Oil

I M P O R T A N T⚠️Do not mix oil with water

  • Remove the Car Diffuser Atomizer:
    Rotate the bottle in either direction and gently pull it out.
  • Remove the Car Diffuser Oil Bottle:
    Rotate Counterclockwise to take car diffuser oil bottle.
  • Prepare Aromely's Oil:
    The car diffuser's oil bottle has a capacity of 10ml. Using a 50ml signature oil is ideal. Open the Aromely oil bottle.
  • Fill the Car Diffuser Oil Bottle:
    Carefully pour Aromely's oil into the car diffuser's oil bottle until it reaches the neck.
  • Install the Car Diffuser Oil Bottle:
    Insert the filled oil bottle into the car diffuser. Tighten it by rotating it clockwise.
  • Note: Once filled, do not invert, tilt, or rotate the device to prevent liquid spillage.

Compact car diffuser with steam emitting, placed in a vehicle cup holder, illuminated with a blue light ring.

3. Operating AI Car Mode

  • ARO-CAR is equipped with AI Mode technology. It activates upon sensing vibrations; if no vibrations are detected for 15 minutes, it enters sleep mode until vibrations are sensed again.
  • First: Turn on the diffuser by pressing the button with three curved lines inside for 2 seconds. It will start diffusing.
  • Second: Double-click rapidly the button with three curved lines inside; a car icon on the indicator tab should light up.
  • Third: Adjust intensity by single pressing the button with three curved lines inside ; the currently selected intensity will be shown on the indicator tab.
  • Extra: Press clock icon button for 2 seconds to turn the light on/off
  • Note: If the Car Icon isn't lit, you're in Home Mode, without AI and vibration technology. On this mode you can adjust the diffusing time using the clock icon button. Press once to switch between every 2/4/8 hours; the current setting will show on the indicator.
  • Low Battery: The LED lights will flash red while charging. The car icon will flash while charging, and when fully charged, the LED lights will flash green

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